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ShopLocket Promises Customers They Can Sell Anything, Anywhere
For those of you who want to sell products on your site (or Facebook) without the need for installing complicated store plugins or monthly fees then check this out…

A new startup called ShopLocket says it’s ready to serve people who want to sell things online, but don’t need to create a full-blown storefront. Supposedly, co-founder and CEO Katherine Hague was part of that group herself. She wanted to sell some T-shirts on her blog and website, but she didn’t need to create a full-blown Shopify store, nor did it make sense to pay the $29 monthly fee. With ShopLocket, she wanted to create something that was simpler and more affordable, while still looking professional. from Pocket - Get it free!

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72% of affluent consumers have no spending limit in apps

72pc affluent consumers have no spending limit in apps

Wealthy consumers have more of an affinity for luxury brands that have a mobile application and depend on this interaction not only for solo purchases and research, but for information and assistance in brand stores, according to a study by the Luxury Institute and Plastic Mobile.

Approximately 71 percent of affluent consumers feel more connected to luxury brands after using their app, and 72 percent of them have no upper monetary limit to how much they spend in-app. Luxury consumers also emphasized the fact that combining in-store and mobile efforts is another favorable feature to have in apps.

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Local businesses are using their Facebook Page wrong

If you run a local business this simply way of using your Facebook Page could really boost business, save time and make things more interactive.

Why Local Businesses Should Stop Focusing On Their Facebook Page

Big brands have the advantage when it comes to mass attention. People are listening, liking, and engaging. For local businesses, it’s a struggle.

What they don’t realize is that they’re not using their time and efforts for the most rewarding component of localized social media. The advantage that small businesses have over big businesses is the personal attention to the customers that gives them the opportunity to dramatically amplify their brand messaging. All they have to do is ask.

It’s Not What You Say About Yourself…

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4 ways to use Twitter for customer service and turn clients into advocates

Over the past few months I’ve been testing lot of new apps for Twitter and one apps support just blow me away.

It was all done via Twitter and the experience not only turned me from a free account user to a paid user but now I’m a committed advocate of not just the app but also the people behind it.

This article is written by the guys behind the app and shares their experiences, what they learnt and how you can get the same effect as well.

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4 Ways to Use Twitter for Customer Service and Support

The results we’ve seen from using Twitter as our most important support channel day in and day out are incredible.

Here are the 4 most powerful insights on using Twitter for customer service that I’ve learned along the way.

#1: Use the Speed of Twitter to Your Advantage This is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. “On Twitter, you need to be fast in responding!” But just how important really is speed in responding on Twitter? Here’s an example.

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How to capture video from your iPad and iPhone

Great article explaining how to capture what your doing on your iPad or another iOS device.

Why would you need to know this? Well it’s a great way to make demo movies for clients or tutorials for your followers on how to use apps or how to simplify there daily social marketing workflows.

It’s true, I did capture motion from the iPad’s screen, which is something that’s been difficult to do in the past. And yes, that blue bar is the very broad hint about how it’s done.

Fire up your iPad 2, third-generation iPad, or iPhone 4S, expose the multi-tasking bar, swipe the bar to the right until your see the device’s play controls, and tap on the AirPlay icon. Select an AirPlay device such as an Apple TV and then switch the Mirroring switch On. Swipe down to show the Home screen and you’ll see that the menu bar has turned blue. This indicates that you’ve switched on mirroring.

You now need an application that turns your Mac into an AirPlay device—one that your iPad can mirror its display to. The application I use is…

Carry on reading:

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"We only wanted $100,000" - Shut up and take the money!

Pebble raises $1.5 million of funding on Kickstarter and it still has 35 days left to raise even more!

The amazing thing is that they only asked for $100,000 of funding and as of writing this the funding raised now stands at $1.9 million go check out what the funding is at now.

Get 7 Lessons From Content Marketing’s Greatest Hits

7 short and simple lessons - with examples - from some of the best content marketing successes around. I really do like this article it’s short easy to read and many of the lessons are easy to apply.

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7 Lessons From Content Marketing’s Greatest Hits

1. Don’t Skimp on Design

This may seem obvious, but if you want to be taken seriously by consumers, it’s important to make your content visually compelling. The folks at the General Electric Company have this down. There, issues of innovation and environment have been brought to life with the thoughtful design of their Ecomagination site. Sure, it’s the quality of the content that will keep your visitors coming back, but don’t underestimate the power of a slick, eye-catching site. Using a 16:9 ratio predispositions viewers to think of your site as premium, as does using high-quality images that take up the entire frame. In general the ratio of text to images has slowly been shifting in favor of the latter, with no more than five to six paragraphs of text per page. Magazine-quality content and photography from sale site, Mr. Porter, adheres to this rule nicely.

Read lesson 2 - 7 now:

Please help me.

Let me know if you liked this article and what your thoughts are.

Thanks Mark.

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15 ways proven to boost your tweets’ click-through rate

Check out these great tips and services to help your tweets work better for you. Plus a couple of tried, tested and proven secret techniques that are so simple you will kick yourself… Enjoy!

Once you have read this make sure you save it to Instapaper as you WILL want to refer to this time and time again.

15 ways to boost your tweets’ click-through rate

How do you get someone to click on your links on Twitter? It’s one of the most pressing questions I see day in, day out—and rightly so. Attracting more people who like what you are posting is essential to success on Twitter.

Here are 15 top techniques for improving your click rate:

1. Write persuasive tweets
Tweets are just like headlines; the best ones state a benefit and generate curiosity. Make them easy to read; get rid of complicated words, because people scan on Twitter. The easier a tweet is to read, the better the chances of them clicking the link.

Here is a recent tweet from @bufferapp that has attracted well over 150 clicks:

Now read the rest of the top tips:

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How Facebook is going of tap into hundreds of millions in revenue

This article form Greg Sterling suggests that Facebook is improve its internal search which could also make a serious amount of cash fall out of the air which is just waiting for them to pull the lever.

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How Serious Is Facebook About Search?

Hundreds of Millions in Revenue “on the Table”

According to the BusinessWeek article (using comScore data) Facebook users performed 336 million search queries in February.  If Facebook fixed search that number would immediately go up and could translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in new annual revenue for the company. Institutional investors will all but demand such a move after the IPO.

In the recently released Local Search Usage Study from comScore, Localeze and agency 15 Miles, the data reflect that “use of social networking sites for local business searches has increased 67 percent since 2010.” With better Facebook site search those numbers would likely only get bigger.

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67% of affluent smartphone owners spent $???? via their phone…

Fascinating study from the Luxury Institute shows that affluent smartphone users are aggressively using their phones to make purchase but also point out some major challenges which some brands are NOT addressing.

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67pc affluent smartphone owners use mcommerce: study

“Consumers are becoming so much more mobile and we need to figure out how to translate that mobility into a humanistic experience,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute.

“Apps are becoming ubiquitous, so it’s what we do with them that make the experience more extraordinary that will make the difference,” he said. “How the app is being used by the consumer or to contact someone who represents the brand is now where the real opportunity lies.”

Read the article in full:

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